Bullet Express Trio Meal Machine Review

The Bullet Express Trio meal machine is much newer than the original Magic Bullet blender so there are not as many consumer reviews yet. Overall the Bullet Express juicer and meal maker is rated as a 3 star appliance.


The Bullet Express works well for most people to prepare large meals for the family or friends. It is not an appliance you would use daily if you are preparing a meal for one or two. The original Magic Bullet may be better suited for this.


There are several complaints out there about the Bullet Express but it seems that some of these issues could be avoided by reading the manual carefully. For example, some customers complain that the meal machine throws veggies everywhere when chopping them but this happens when the speed is set on high so just remember to set it on low and you should have no problem.


The durability of the Bullet Express does not seem to be as good as other pricier processors but it is a decent all in one machine. However if you're looking for a juice extractor that's built for daily or weekly use, and years of durability, you should definitely search further. If you plan on juicing more than one time a week, it will be a much better investment to get a durable juicer for just a little more money.



5 star review

5 Star Multi-Purpose Processor!


The Bullet Express Meal Maker, purchased through Costco for $100, has exceeded my expectations. I have been using it from 1 to 4 times a day for a month now and am extremely pleased with its performance, ease of use, and ease of cleaning. I have used all the functions -- blend, juice, and process/chop. However, the function I have used most is juicing. I have juiced everything from: beet roots, carrots, cranberries, blueberries, pineapple, oranges -- both and without peeling, cucumber, celery, ...; blended: yogurt, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, oranges -- peeled, mango, pineapple, ...; chopped: onion, carrots, herbs, and more. The juicer plunger on mine touches bottom -- no ifs ands or buts about it. (I would be furious if there was a gap, as another reviewer experienced.)

I was almost persuaded not to buy this product due to the poor reviews listed here. However, my mother eats through a GI tube and uses the small bullet for all her eating purposes, so the appeal of the compatibility with her eating needs influenced me to take my chances -- despite the negative reviews. To say that I am thrilled with the product is truly an understatement. I simply read the instructions and follow them, with an outcome of juice, blended beverage, or chopped food, as I desire.

Because mine has been so terrific, I haven't had a need for service. My mother's smaller bullet did have a problem with its motor, and even though purchased an entire year prior, was replaced by Costco -- even though she didn't have a receipt (they keep a record of all purchases and kindly looked it up for her).
I noticed that the majority of negative reviews refer to "this company", but don't specifically mention the company or infomercial.


3 star review

Probably Not Worth IT


This product has its pluses and negatives, but overall, I would not recommend it to another person. The plunger on the juicer is not long enough so it is difficult getting the food item juiced. Once juiced, it is great. It does juice the fruit dry. However, there is about two inches of space between the plunger and the blade, leaving much of your food trapped. I am sure the company's reasoning is so the plunger does not touch the blade, but 2 inches is ridiculous!

Next, I tried to shred cheese and potatoes. Half of it landed all over my counter even though I had a large bowl underneath the spout. Then, I tried pie dough--a total failure. Other than that, it is okay. It did eventually do the job but with great aggravation and mess!!!!!!!


1 star review

Bullet Express is total junk. Do Not waste your money!


I fell victim to the infomercials and actually did something I NEVER do: I bought the Bullet Express from an infomercial. I couldn't wait for it to arrive, and bought lots of fruits and veggies to try in it. I carefully unpacked and washed all the parts, and familiarized myself with the directions for use. Then on the very first us, it BROKE! The cheapo piece of plastic in the shredder blade cooked, and disintigrated. When I called to arrange a refund, I was told that they do not refund the bogusly overinflated shipping and handling fees. And when I loudly complained about having to pay for nothing, they magnanimously offered to send a pre-paid return label. I tried calling again to talk with a supervisor about refunding the S&H fee, and was again denied. I can't believe that I shelled out $29.99 and have nothing to show for it, but high blood pressure and feeling like a fool for being victimized by a crummy company that makes it's money on bogus shipping and handling, in exchange for sending you useless crap in the mail.


4 star review

This thing is pretty cool


We've tried everything except the bread dough so far. It worked really well for chopping veggies, but you have to remember to set it on low or it will throw the veggies everywhere (although, trying to catch them can be fun!). If you're making mashed potatoes chop them with the machine and mash them yourself...its just too powerful and you end up with potato dough.

All in all it's kind of like using a power drill for a hand blender! It can do a lot, really fast, which is great if you're sick of frozen veggies and take out. But if you're only one person, pass. I cut up half a bag of carrots with this thing in a minute and a half. I don't know if it would have practical uses for a family that doesn't have seven people in it, like mine.