Magic Bullet Juicer Deals

The price of the Magic Juicer Bullet ranges from $49.99 to up to $99.99 for a set. There are several Magic Juicer Bullet sets ranging from 17 to 25 pieces. All of them include the basic items but not all of them include the pieces required to convert the magic blender bullet into the magic juicer bullet. If you want to read more about what's included in each set go to the what you get section.


Some online retailers like sell all the different magic blender bullet sets while other retailers like Costco and Bed Bath & Beyond carry only one of the sets.


Several online stores ship it for free and some of them don't charge you tax depending on your state. You can find the juicer bullet on websites like for $59.99 with free shipping or Bed Bath & Beyond for as low as $49.99 plus additional shipping unless you buy more stuff from them to get free shipping.


These low prices for the juicer bullet include the complete set: all the cups, blades, lids and the recipe book. If you prefer to buy it in a retail location, Bed Bath & Beyond gives you a 20% off one item in-store Savings Certificate when you subscribe to their free newsletter for the first time. Costco also sells the 25-pc Magic Bullet blender set for $49.99.


You can also purchase it directly from the manufacturer's website. The price is higher but they give you two systems at the price of one ($99.99 plus S&H) and it includes the juicer bullet parts. This is great if you want to buy one for yourself and one for gifting.


Spot a fake Magic Juicer Bullet

Always buy from a reputable website or retailer since there is also a counterfeit version of the popular Magic Juicer Bullet. The unauthorized version has not been evaluated for safety and may present a risk of fire hazard and electrical shock. Even worse, the counterfeit version is almost indistinguishable from the true version... unless you know what to look for.


Step 1 Look for an Instruction Booklet. Fake Magic Juicer Bullets often do not include one.


Step 2 Read the Instruction booklet if there is one. Fake booklets do not include the name or location of the true manufacturer of the genuine Magic Juicer Bullet: Homeland House wares.


Step 3 Look at the outside of the box. On counterfeit items, the UPC code is often absent. If you DO see a UPC code, make sure that it isn't a fake. Fake information includes the following:Name: "Magic Bullet"Model: HY-6068A-1Voltage: AC 120V,350W.60Hz Manufacture Date: XX/XXUL and cUL MarksGenuine Magic Bullet Blenders always have the item/model number: "MB-1001"


Step 4 Determine the location of the manufacturer. The counterfeit product is from: Ningbo Henge Electric Appliance Company, Ltd., No. 31 Zhenxing Road, Daqi, Beilun, Ningbo, China.


Step 5 Know where the genuine manufacturer is located. Make sure that the true address is on the packaging. The address for Homeland Housewares is: Homeland Housewares LLC Sino Link International Trading Co., Ltd. 21/F, Lingqiao Plaza, 31 Yaohang Street, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. (Phone: 00-86-574-87294111. Consumers can also contact Homeland Housewares at 1-866-446-6352