Juicer Bullet Reviews

Since the magic juicer bullet attachment doesn't come with all blender bullet sets there are not as many reviews of the juicer as there are of the blender in general. We scouted the internet looking for hundreds of juicer bullet reviews on different websites and came up with this summary to make it easier for you to learn what customers are saying.


It performs well as a citrus juicer and fruit juicer, but has a little more difficulty with juicing vegetables. It juices softer vegetables with ease, but carrots cause a strain, and any vegetable harder than a carrot is very demanding for the small motor.


If you're planning on light duty juicing, and want to use all of the other functions as well, the juicer bullet will work great for your needs. It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and small enough to throw it in a cupboard when you're done for the day.


However if you're looking for a juice extractor that's built for daily or weekly use, and years of durability, you should definitely search further. If you plan on juicing more than one time a week, it will be a much better investment to get a durable juicer for just a little more money.


Overall rating: 3.5 stars


Pros of the Magic Juicer Bullet: Cons of the Magic Juicer Bullet:

- Small size juicer and blender in one
- Great for smoothies
- Easier to clean than other expensive juicers
- Microwave safe
- Convenient mug-shape blending cups
- Good value
- Dishwasher safe

- Not best juice extractor in the market
- Too small when preparing juices and smoothies for more people
- Not useful for chopping certain items
- It will overheat and break if you continuously blend/chop and leave it on like a regular blender


The following are some positive, average and negative magic juicer bullet consumer reviews from Amazon.com.

5 star review

When in doubt, read the manual

For the most part, anything that is advertised on those infomercials over-promises or fails to deliver. I ordered a Magic Bullet anyway because it seemed to be just the sort of kitchen appliance that I needed...small, safe and useful. I crossed my fingers and ordered one. When the package arrived, it was packed nicely in a large case containing all the parts and accessories as advertised; mixing cups, drinking/mixing mugs, small blender attachment, juicer attachment, shaker cups, two receipe books, an instruction manual, blades and motor base. Basically, the Magic Bullet is a small compact blender that is turned on it's head. Instead of putting items from the top and blending/chopping them, you put the contents in a holding cup and twist on the cap/blade. This whole unit is then placed upside down on the base and you turn it on. After the contents are processed, you take the unit off the base and twist off the blade/cap. A great and ingenious idea. But the big question is, does it work as advertised? The surprising answer is yes.


I've had this unit for about a month and a half now and am thoroughly surprised at how nice it works. I have made smoothies that not only rival the local juice bars, but the product tastes better and is a snap to make. I have also made personal servings of soup and vegatable smoothies. Making a tuna-egg-mayo spread was blended very nicely and the whole family ate it up in a couple of days. To get this unit to work as it was intended has to do with reading the manual. It states very clearly that there are certain ways to load your mixing cup. In cases where things do not get blended or are stuck at the top of the cup, the instructions tell you to take the blending cup off and to tap it a few times to get all the contents to the bottom. There is no problem in overheating *if you read the manual*. About 90% of the jobs can be done in about 10 seconds or less by using the pulse method. If you continuously blend/chop and leave it on like a regular blender, it will overheat and possibly break the unit. Nothing needs to be processed for more than 30 seconds so this is a moot point. Clean-up is one of the best features of this appliance. Just run the mixing cups and blades under water with a little soap, and you are done. This unit is so easy to use that our family uses it on a daily basis.


As far as the cost is concerned, it may seem a little on the steep end, but the Magic Bullet pays for itself in no time at all. It has many useful features which allow you to use it as a coffee grinder, a chopper, a blender, a smoothie maker, a sandwich spread maker, soup mixer, etc. I have never used a small kitchen appliance as much as I have used the Magic Bullet. The big blender made by -------, which has been sitting on the shelf for many years is now officially retired.


A few minutes of your time in reading the manual will help you dodge any bullets in using the Magic Bullet.

2 star review

Irreplaceable plastic parts.

I was using the Magic Bullet sparingly until its main drive gear on top of it's base unit shattered into 3 main pieces. It's made of plastic and I have not been able to find any source of replacement parts. When I contacted the distributor they only offered to sell me a new unit. They advertise it like it can handle anything but the gear broke while I was mixing a regular protein shake.I can't recommend this product.

1 star review

Great Start.....Poor Finish,

I am addicted to the that little powerhouse called the Magic Bullet. The problem is the company doesn't have a real customer service department and they don't stand behind their cheap product. We are on our 4th Bullet now!! They are great out of the starting gate...best "blender, chopper, etc" I have ever experienced. But it wasn't built to last!! We follow directions, love everything it makes, love the way it looks on the counter even. But it dies quickly and the company S**Ks at replacing or helping out. We only ordered the first one just over a year ago. Each one seems to last only a few months (about 3) then...Whammo..no warning, just dead!

5 star review

As see on TV...as it works in my kitchen..The Magic Bullet

I have seen the informercial so many times that I had to see The Magic Bullet for myself. I found the Bullet without the juicer and blender for $60 out at Tanger Outlets in Riverhead NY. I then realized that the free juicer and blender were not really free, but cost $40, which would bring the price up to the $100 as seen on TV. After reading other reviews about the juicer I have no thoughts about purchasing it or the blender..But I digress...............

As soon as I came home I had to try it. I made an omlette with ham, cheese and onions..just like on TV. It worked well..and I was impressed.

To leave nothing to chance, I then decided to grate up some semi soft cheddar..Cracker Barrel..using pulse, it grated the cheese.

I then tried red pepper..which is hard to chop in a machine..and it did that too..And it chopped onions perfectly. For the $60 I spent, I would recommend it to everyone, but not really for $100 because in my opinion for heavy duty blending, get a big blender..and for juicing, get a Juiceman.

3 star review

Great for smoothies - but it has limits - and mine just broke!

I've had mine about a year and it just broke - a plastic part that turns the blade broke, so I'm going to try to super-glue it. Otherwise it may be a gonner!


It makes great smoothies and does mix up ice, frozen fruit, etc. very well. It also can overheat if you leave it going. However it only takes 30 seconds or so to make a smoothie. SO - use it 10-15 seconds, take the cup/blade off the base and shake it a little to mix the protein powder or whatever in, then put it back on the base and blend for a few more seconds. It will really chop the ice.


It comes with an attachment that is a terrible juicer. I have a Jack LaLanne one which is much better. But juicers are a real pain to clean. It is not as good of a big blender as a Vita Mix, which I also have, but the Vita Mix is very expensive and is does not go in the dishwasher. One of the great things about this Magic Bullet is that everything but the electric base can go right into the dishwasher. BIG plus!


It grinds flax seeds well with the grinder blade, and probably coffee beans too. But the salsa, chopped onions, and things they show on the infomercial are mush, as other reviewers have said. Baby food might be good, but chopping is a mess.


Overall - if you love smoothies and want to make single servings, it is very good. It isn't the most durable thing, but it lasted me a year (at least). It is not good for most of the other things they showed on TV.

5 star review

Don't Expect it to Wax Your Car

I've had a Magic Bullet for over a year now and I have to say that I love it. In my home we never drank smoothies before I got this machine and now it is an all time summer treat. I've also used it to pulverize vitamin C pills for camping expeditions (they neutralize the taste/odor of iodine as water treatment). I've used it to make potato soup, dice onions, and various other uses.


The thing that I have found is that the machine does work, but the recipe booklet is faulty on almost every recipe they include. For example, you have to fill the machine at least 1/2 of the way full of liquid if you want a smoothie. Then, it will give you a non-chunky smoothie in under 30 seconds.

For dicing, use the grinding blade, not the ice pulverizing blade. Tap twice.


When I was first learning to use the machine, I made the mistake of over-chopping things and I ended up with super-runny foods. Most of what I read here, I can sympathize with, but the advice to give is that if it doesn't look done yet, then it probably is. For some reason, the appearance through the plastic bubble, and the actual result, don't match.


Another thing I'm reading is that the machine overheats. Duh! The instruction manual says not to run it for over 30 seconds on "lock" mode, and that over a minute of running will cause the machine to stop working until it cools down. Nothing has ever required that much (over 30 seconds worth) chopping. If it did, it was because there was liquid that was missing.


It is also small. The cups are about the size of two of your standard juice glasses. This means that it isn't going to cut up an entire melon, you aren't going to be able to make a roast turkey, or any other large-food item in the blender. Stick to small, single-serving things. If you are a single person, this is about the right size for you. If you want to make a pitcher of daiquiris for a party of 20+ people, it is way out of the league of this little coffee-cup sized blender's reach.

As a final point, I have had many food processors (which is what this bills itself as) over the course of my life and not a one of them doesn't fall under the failings listed here which include: vegetable chopped for too long gets runny, couldn't cook meals in it, cheese turns to goo when allowed to chop for a while, etc. Think of it as a food processor and you will not be disappointed. Think of it as a small food processor with easy clean-up and you will start to see that it earns its counter space.