How the Magic Juicer Bullet works

To starting juicing, simply place the juicer bullet attachment on the power base and the pulp container securely. With the feed tube pusher, push the vegetables and fruits in the feed tube and press down to start juicing.


The magic juicer bullet is also a high speed blender that processes foods in just a few seconds. The secret to this high speed technology resides in the specially designed blade and the unique bullet shape of the cups that automatically circulate food back into the processing zone.

The magic juicer bullet is very easy to operate, just follow 3 easy steps:

1) Put vegetables, fruit or parmesan cheese into one of the cups or mugs
2) Twist on the cross or flat blade until the blade and cup have a tight seal
3) Line up the tabs, place the container on the power base and press down on the cup to turn it     on.

As long as you hold it down, the magic blender bullet is on. When you let go the blades will stop. It is important to use the appropiate blending technique to prevent the engine from burning.

There are different blending techniques to accomplish the desired texture.

Hands-free technique:
Press down and gently turn the cup clockwise until the tabs lock in the power base. When the magic juicer bullet is in hands-free mode it will run continually. To turn it off, simply twist the cup counterclockwise and remove it from the base. Most ingredients will have a liquid texture or will be finely grind. Do not let the blender bullet run for a long time or it may burn. Read what other customers say in their juicer bullet reviews.

Pulsing technique:
Use one hand to tap down the top of the juicer bullet cup and the other hand to apply counter-clockwise pressure to the cup. This is the technique to use when you want chucky textured dishes such as guacamole, egg salad or bean dip.

The magic juicer bullet takes up about the same amount of space on the counter as a coffee mug, yet it replaces a juicer, food processor, blender, and coffee grinder. Use it to juice fruits and vegetables, chop, mix, whip, blend, and more.

There are no buttons to push. Just load the ingredients into the short cup, the tall cup or one of the four mugs. Twist on the cross or flat blade, place the bullet on the power base, and press down - in seconds, you'll have chopped onions, minced garlic, grated cheese, spaghetti sauce, salsa, soup, chicken salad, smoothies, shakes and more. To heat or chill, simply place the magic blender bullet cup or mug in the microwave, refrigerator or freezer.

3-SECONDS: Mince Garlic, Chop Onions, Grate Cheese
5-SECONDS: Make Salsa, Guacamole, Chicken Salad
7-SECONDS: Whip Up Milk Shakes & Smoothies
10-SECONDS: Mix & Cook Sauces, Soups, Omelettes Make Smoothies and Protein

With Juicer Bullet you can prepare, heat/ chill and store your drinks and meals in just seconds!
Make Instant Shakes, Smoothies & Fancy Frozen Coffee Drinks! Make Complete Meals - soups & broths. Make Perfect Frozen Cocktails - Right in the Party Mugs! Read our juicer bullet recipes.